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Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Job Type: Direct Hire
Salary: $125,000.00 - $130,000.00
Degree: Master of Science;
Date: 10/6/2017
Job ID: 02529647
Job Description
Position: Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Our ideal candidate will be a combination of technical leader and individual contributor with production experience delivering front end and back end software at scale. A successful candidate in this role should have: 
  • Extensive production experience providing solutions based on JavaScript in the front and back end (JavaScript + NodeJS).
  • Deployed multiple applications using Angular technologies and enough time has passed now for avid Angular developers to have Angular 2.0 applications in production.
  • NoSQL (MongoDB), Experience with Test Automation Tools: Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber
  • Collaborate with other senior application specialist in the organization to create an atmosphere of group contribution in addition to individual execution that makes the organization more efficient and knowledgeable.
  • Communicate with internal and external business partners to qualify technical requirements and communicate those finding back to the development team at large.
  • Know the process of software development well enough to mentor and guide others when necessary.
  • Re-use existing software development practices where possible for productivity but also introduce new trending industry practices and tools where appropriate.
  • Design robust solutions to hard problems that also take into account scale, security, reliability, and cost.
  • Contribute new software or modify existing software to meet projects and program goals.
  • Lead small teams of other developers on focused technical projects when necessary
  • Deliver needed project functionality for specific deliverables but deliver in such a way that the value is useful to the organization in the long term.
A full-stack developer will have experience with components at each layer of modern web applications. A modern full-stack web developer should have experience with many of the following languages, technologies, platforms, and frameworks.
JavaScript - Experience providing solutions based on JavaScript in the front and back end. Should be familiar with ES6, ES7, and can describe things like prototypical inheritance, de-structuring, the spread operator, this, and other advanced JavaScript concepts.
NodeJS - Experience providing back-end solutions with NodeJS in self-hosted and cloud-hosted environments. Ideal candidate should be able to discuss internals of NodeJS such as the event loop, asynchronous programming, streams, and node ecosystem concerns (i.e. versioning and deployment)
Angular - Ideal candidate has multiple deployed applications using Angular technologies and enough time has passed now for avid Angular developers to have Angular 2.0 applications in production. Candidates with extensive development in other Web based UI frameworks will work but should be willing to prove they can rapidly adopt work with Angular concepts.
RESTful API's - Experience with public RESTful interfaces and can describe the tenets of REST, compare REST to SOAP, and describe REST best practices
Security - Ideal candidate understands the tenets of protecting client data in motion and at rest as well as different techniques for authenticating and authorizing clients / consumers of service data.
GIT - Ideal candidate has performed primary product development with GIT based source control solutions (Github, Gitlab, etc). Ideal candidate should understand concepts such as rebasing, squashing, cherry picking, and tagging.
NoSQL / SQL - Ideal candidate will have worked with Unix based SQL, NoSQL databases (Mongo, Postgres, Oracle, etc). Understands the core concepts of relational databases and NO SQL databases (querying, indexing, aggregation, etc). Experience with JavaScript based libraries to access NoSql / SQL databases (Mongoose, NodeORM, Sequelize, etc)
Typescript -Experience with TypeScript or a static based language that transpiles to JavaScript. Our teams use TypeScript extensively and find that candidates that don't have a lot of TypeScript benefit from significant static language experience combined with JavaScript experience.
Test Automation Tools - Experience with Functional and Unit test based frameworks to develop automated tests (Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber, etc)
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software engineering, or at least six, typically eight or more years of solid, diverse work experience in internal or external software product development

US Citizen or Valid US Green Card 

Local Candidates Preferred


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